5 Problems We Face When Planning For Marriage

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Planning For Marriage

Submission of the file to the town hall

Whatever type of wedding you want to organize, you will inevitably have to start with the civil wedding in the town hall. 

It is indeed the obligatory passage to be declared legally married. 

But while compiling this file can prove to be a real marathon, with in particular birth certificates of less than three months to be provided, it is also necessary to find an appointment at the town hall to go and bring back the famous file within the time allowed and when the two bride and groom both work and the only appointments granted are on weekdays, it is not always easy to manage to get free at the same time!

 So remember to do it well in advance in order to get the date of your appointment at the town hall early and be able to warn your employer of an absence of a few hours.

 Choice of witness

The witness is the person who will be by your side throughout the ceremony but who will also be able to help you during the preparation of your wedding.

 It is therefore essential to choose a trusted person who can support you before the big day, to prepare your bachelor party for example, but also during its progress and there the questioning can be very stressful.

 Between the fear of offending a friend that we have not chosen and that of having designated a person who ultimately will not be of any help to us, the choice of witness is not always easy.

 A word of advice: try to test the waters a little in advance to see which of your loved ones would be the most suitable for this role.

 Family Management

If there is one point that is thorny when preparing for a wedding, it is that of the family. 

Many are indeed those who will want to give you their valuable advice or try to influence you in your choices and tensions are likely to arise on a regular basis, from the choice of guests to the table plan, you risk having some stormy moments. 

Without counting on the relatives who can surprise you in the good or in the bad way: some will bring you unexpected help while others will respond absent to all your requests. 

All this can even end up creating small arguments with your spouse from time to time when the tension becomes too much, especially if your mother-in-law interferes a little too much with your preparation.

 Reservation of service providers

Caterer, DJ, florist, hairdresser …the list of providers to book for a wedding can be long and it is not always easy to make sure you find the right service providers, available for the big day. 

Don't hesitate to plan well in advance and choose service providers who are recommended to you by relatives having used their services. 

This will ensure you receive quality service. Don't hesitate to compare prices and read reviews on the internet before making your choice.

 The wedding planner

Have you decided to use the services of a wedding planner to organize your wedding?

 This solution can indeed allow you to reduce your mental load and therefore to approach your marriage with more serenity.

 But, it can also become a source of tension when your wedding planner decides to do his own thing and decide on the implementation of each element in his own way or even the destination of the honeymoon. 

Don't be afraid to be assertive and to gently remind him that this is your marriage and not to let things be imposed on you that you don't like. Remember that your wedding should look like you: it's your day!


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