Should you wear a tie to the office?

 This is a legitimate question for many men, especially for young workers who do not necessarily know the dress codes yet.

Should you wear a tie to the office?

 It depends firstly on what others do in your work environment, but also on the nature of your activity. If, in recent years, the sale of ties has collapsed, it is very often recommended by the hierarchy of certain companies or by the nature of the activity rendered (meetings, customers, prospecting, etc.) to need a suit and tie. The tie without the suit today would be a lack of taste. The suit without tie is possible; In this case, consider wearing relatively wide pants and a jacket.

What color if you decide to wear a tie?

Coluche, imitating Rica Zaraï said something like this: “If you have yellow teeth, wear a brown tie”. Always funny when you respond to this skit on good taste and how to embellish the little flaws you may have in life. But this era is long gone and it is often necessary to have relatively uniform suits when you want to make a good impression, or even impose! The color should therefore be nowadays quite close to the colors of the jacket but without being totally so, and above all quite distinct from the shirt which must fade a little more in tone than the latter. 

That said, we advise you to orient yourself not from the suit or the tie but from the shirt. If you want to give a strong impression of professionalism, blue does not go out of style (quite the contrary). A blue shirt strongly reflects professionalism, especially on a first date. On the other hand, if you enter a meeting with people who have already had the opportunity to recognize or appreciate your skills and your professionalism, let yourself be tempted first by white, then by the originality of colors. sharper if you wish afterwards.

Each suit has its own shirt and tie. Each set has its exposure time.

Blue suits you so well, not for the tie?

Let's go honestly. It is possible to wear a blue tie with a suit as soon as this is not a fault of taste, having regard to what has been said previously. That said, blue should feel like an ensemble to mark professionalism in an even more morphological way. Book it instead for fairly sedentary business meetings. Likewise, use it if you are definitely in the bank and even more so if you are doing tax optimization. Which means that if you're not a banker, you don't necessarily want to look like a banker.


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