Top 10 vacation destinations for summer 2022

 After two years placed under the sign of restrictions, the summer of 2022 takes on the air of freedom and promises to be an invitation to travel . Let's discover together the top 10 of the best destinations to go on vacation in 2022. Get ready to pack your bags ! 

Top 10 vacation destinations for summer 2022

The United States

Many French people dream of going to discover the American continent. It is therefore quite natural that the United States comes first in this top 10 destinations to favor for the summer of 2022. You will have the choice between the discovery of the great natural parks such as the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone, or the cities mythical places such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas or even New York. A road trip mixing cities and nature will also be welcome.


Canada is also an opportunity to discover fascinating landscapes such as the legendary Niagara Falls or the Alberta Park and its paleontological site Dinosaur Provincial Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the most important sites in fossils in the world. You can also stroll through the streets of Montreal or Old Quebec City, without forgetting to admire the whales and other marine animals that inhabit the St. Lawrence.


No need to cross oceans to discover magnificent landscapes and cities. France is indeed full of very pleasant places that will allow you to spend an excellent summer holiday. Between the Côte d'Azur and its sunny beaches and historic cities such as Saint-Malo , without forgetting Paris and its unmissable monuments, France is a country full of riches to discover.


One finds in Croatia one of the most beautiful and vast (294 km²) natural parks of all the European continent, the park Plitvice, mixing lakes and cascades. You can also discover the city of Dubrovnik, "the pearl of the Adriatic", filming location for the Game of Thrones series, and swim in the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea for a more relaxing holiday.

 Costa Rica

For a summer vacation under the sign of a change of scenery and nature, nothing beats flying to Costa Rica. From the Poas volcano to the village of Tortuguero via an excursion off the beaten track in the heart of the tropical forest, you will have an enchanting stay. Sloths, toucans and crocodiles are just a small part of the exotic flora that you will discover during your walks.

The Caribbean

Lovers of white sand beaches and turquoise water, the Caribbean is for you. Dominican Republic, Barbados, Puerto Rico or Jamaica are all islands that live to the rhythm of the sun, music and the sea. You can admire breathtaking waterfalls or relax on the sand for holidays placed under the sign of idleness.


If you go to Iceland in August, you will have the amazing experience of the midnight sun, namely that time of year when the sun never sets. Festivals and events follow one another every weekend during this month which is the hottest of the year. The months of July and August are perfect for discovering Iceland because all roads are open.


Italy's advantage is its proximity to France. It is also a timeless holiday destination that will allow you to discover treasures of Antiquity such as the Colosseum in Rome or the archaeological site of Pompeii, or even to experience a romantic stay in the romantic city of Venice.


Just like Italy, Greece will take you on a trip down memory lane. Between history and modernity, Greece will allow you to discover archaeological sites such as the Acropolis, but also to embark on a cruise in the Cyclades islands such as Santorini or Mykonos. A real wonder awaits you there.


Let's stay once again in Europe for an exotic and relaxing trip. Portugal offers magnificent beaches such as Praia Dona Ana beach, but also charming cities such as the unmissable capital Lisbon or the picturesque Sintra.


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