How To Handle A Situation Where The Team Is Unable To Meet Deadlines

 They're numerous cases where your team is unable to meet the deadlines placed for specific projects or services that was supposed to be rendered.

At that point the project supervisor or the company who gave the project will be looking forward to hearing why you failed and what made you unable to meet demands.

In this article we'll be guiding you on steps to take after failing to deliver before the project deadline.

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Instead of looking for who or what to put the blame on, take responsibility for missing the deadline and acknowledge you didn't do the right thing.


Take steps and ensure you don't miss the future deadline if para venture you were granted a second chance.

This involves rescheduling your activities and giving more time to the project.


Double your efforts towards the project and inform your project supervisor on time if you need an extension.

Make your team know that they need to reschedule their time so they can put more efforts on the project to deliver smoothly.


While running the project with the new deadline it is recommended to provide frequents updates, this will help make your supervisors know you're on track and trust you will deliver soon.


 Address The Situation As Soon As Possible

While you've exceeded the deadline make sure you address the situation by contacting the project supervisor as soon as possible. This will give him time an enable him to do the proper adjustments needed.

 Provide A Brief Explanation

Provide a brief explanation of how and why you weren't able to deliver at the set deadline to your project supervisor to enable him see the need of reshuffling the deadline for the project.

 Apologize For The Delay

This may seem like a bit of task but apologizing for the delay will make the project supervisor get some level of sympathy or relief and also maintain the trust level he has for you.

 Propose A New Timeframe

Propose another deadline for the project to your project supervisor. Before doing so, run a check and balance of the project and propose a date which you know you will be able to deliver.

Let your project supervisor know why it's necessary to reshuffle the deadline to your proposed date and promise to submit the project at that proposed time.

 Thank Your Supervisor For Understanding By Showing Your Appreciation

Do well to thank your supervisor for understanding and working with you to find a solution. Ensure him and give him the confidence that you'll deliver well and also do well to give him timely updates.

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